Donald Dump® Toilet Brush

Donald Dump® Toilet Brush


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Donald Dump® Toilet Brush

This bad boy is designed to do one thing and one thing alone... make that bowl SHINE again! We all know you've dropped some bad hombres and there has been times where you WISH you'd had one.

Never fear, Donald Dump Novelty Toilet Brush is HERE to take care of those Yuuugggeee dookies.

 GLORIOUS golden faux-locks work to drain that porcelain swamp. "Just Grab them by the handle...for those tough cleaning jobs!" No more of those HUMILIATING skid marks after you've done your business.

This Toilet Brush is designed to take care of all your poopy problems. Even if you have tiny hands, this brush will conquer all who dare cross its path! 

Put Him To Work!

✓ 15 inch Brush with Holder
✓ Makes your toilet sparkling clean
✓ FAST USA Shipping